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Hive Sushi Lounge


Located in the East Village area of downtown San Diego, Hive Sushi Lounge serves delicious and affordable sushi. This restaurant is hidden away and one must take a staircase down to their underground dining area in order to be...

Cowels Mountain


Cowels Mountain is a popular hike and the tallest mountain in San Diego City. Get Directions, learn about it's history and tips for best time to go!

Carlsbad Flower Fields


If you've ever driven through Carlsbad on the I5, then you've probably seen fields of brightly colored flowers on the Eastern side. these fields are actually open to the public, and you can explore the fields for yourself!

Vin de Syrah San Diego


Vin De Syrah is a wine and spirit parlor unique to any other bar and lounge in the San Diego area. Located in the middle of the San Diego Gaslamp District, underneath The Melting Pot, Syrah takes its guests...

Sunset Cliffs Beach


Sunset Cliffs Beach is an idyllic sliver of sand in the middle of Sunset Cliffs Park. With a nice break and few crowds, it is a great spot to spend a whole afternoon or just a lingering sunset.

Altitude at the Marriott


Check out one of the coolest rooftop bars in San Diego. A great place to bring a first date for drinks, to show around friends from out of town, or just to enjoy the sunset.