Vin de Syrah San Diego

Vin De Syrah is a wine and spirit parlor unique to any other bar and lounge in the San Diego area. Located in the middle of the San Diego Gaslamp District, underneath The Melting Pot, Syrah takes its guests into a completely new world. Its underground location may have something to do with the ambiance… Many describe the atmosphere to be similar to Alice & Wonderland with a twist…we agree! And don’t let their name fool you, along with serving delicious wines, Syrah offers a multitude of solid cocktails.

More About Syrah

Syrah’s space serves for a variety of nighttime experiences. Earlier in the evening, the space becomes more of a social  lounge where one can talk over wine and enjoy a yummy platter of meats and cheeses. Later, Syrah transforms into an enticing dance space with either live music or a popular  San Diego DJ. Unlike the other nightlife in San Diego, the area continues to stay intimate. Syrah hosts a variety of unique events and entertainment throughout the week appealing to a variety of  interests.

What we Especially Like about Vin De Syrah

They serve quality wine and cocktails. Get to Syrah early to enjoy $6 drinks between 5-7pm. If you’re starting the night off early, their “happiest hour” from 4-5pm provides $3 wine and cocktail specials (it can’t get much better)!
The playful and lively environment is a scene that’s hard to beat , especially during their nightly featured events. Friday nights are big at Syrah, beginning with their burlesque show at 9:30pm. One of my favorites is the tarot readings they offer every Wednesday night. Also, they provide wine  tastings  every Friday and Saturday evening on a long intimate dinner table. Along with a resident wine sommelier to guide the nightly tasting, each wine is paired with a hand crafted canape. Partaking in this candle lit tasting table would be perfect for a larger party or even for a party of two. Make sure to reserve a spot prior to attending because they only offer about twelve spots each night in order to achieve that small dinner party vibe that we like so much. And this may be quite obvious now, but the underground location provides an enchanting feeling that almost guarantees for a special night with a group of friends or someone special.

How to Find the Spot (Spoiler Alert!)

Syrah is on the corner of 5th and E in the Gaslamp District. Look outside of The Melting Pot for a cement staircase. During busy hours there is usually a bouncer outside checking IDs (you must be 21 and older). Don’t be timid and walk down the urban looking staircase where you will find two doors. One door is less obvious to locate due to the greenery on the front and around it. Open the door and wahla, you have found Vin De Syrah! Be sure to check out the intricate details layered throughout the space, I usually admire something new each visit. Lastly, find the TV screen inside to watch others search for the entrance to this one-of-a-kind San Diego spot!

How to Get to Syrah

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